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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, o1553-o1554
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536813025270 ]

Methyl 2-((2Z,5Z)-2-{(E)-2-[1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethylidene]hydrazin-1-ylidene}-4-oxo-3-phenyl-1,3-thiazolidin-5-ylidene)acetate

S. K. Mohamed, J. T. Mague, M. Akkurt, A. A. Hassan and M. R. Albayati

Abstract: In the title compound, C20H17N3O4S, all non-H atoms, except those of the phenyl ring, are approximately coplanar [maximum deviation = 0.2214 (1) Å], and the dihedral angle between their best plane and the benzene ring is 53.13 (1)°. A short intramolecular O...S contact of 2.838 (1) Å is formed between the ester carbonyl O atom and the S atom of the thiazolidine ring. In the crystal, molecules associated via O-H...O, C-H...O and C-H...S hydrogen bonds form layers parallel to (010), with only C-H...O-type short contacts between the molecules in adjacent layers.

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