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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, i72
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536813026433 ]

The monoclinic form of trilithium dichromium(III) tris(orthophosphate)

J. Sun, P. Kim and H. Yun

Abstract: The monoclinic form of trilithium dichromium(III) tris(orthophosphate), Li3Cr2(PO4)3, was prepared by the reactive halide flux method. The structure of the title compound is composed of a three-dimensional anionic framework with composition [infinity] 3[Cr2(PO4)3]3- and Li+ ions situated in the empty channels. The rigid framework built up from CrO6 octahedra and PO4 tetrahedra is the same as that found in other monoclinic Li3M2(PO4)3 (M = Fe, Sc, V) phases. The three Li+ cations of Li3Cr2(PO4)3 are unequally disordered over six crystallographically different sites. The classical charge balance of the title compound can be represented as [Li+]3[Cr3+]2[P5+]3[O2-]12. Solid-state UV/Vis spectra indicate that the crystal filed splitting ([Delta]0) of the Cr3+ ion is around 2.22 eV.

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