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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, o1606
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536813026810 ]

4-[2-(Pyridin-1-ium-4-yl)eth­yl]pyridin-1-ium bis­(2,6-di­nitro­benzoate)

H. D. Arman, T. Miller and E. R. T. Tiekink

Abstract: The asymmetric unit of the title salt, C12H14N22+·2C7H3N2O6-, comprises half a 4-[2-(pyridin-1-ium-4-yl)eth­yl]pyridin-1-ium dication, being disposed about a centre of inversion, and a 2,6-di­nitro­benzoate anion, in a general position. In the anion, the carboxyl­ate group is inclined to the benzene ring [dihedral angle = 85.45 (9)°], whereas near-coplanar and twisted arrangements are found for the nitro groups [O-N-C-C torsion angles = 179.80 (14) and 20.2 (2)°]. In the crystal, three-component aggregates sustained by charge-assisted N+-H...O- hydrogen bonds are found and these are consolidated into a three-dimensional architecture by C-H...O and [pi]-[pi] [inter-centroid distances = 3.6796 (14) and 3.7064 (14) Å] inter­actions.

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