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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, m570-m571
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536813026056 ]

catena-Poly[2,2',2''-nitrilo­tris­(ethan­aminium) [tri-[mu]-oxido-tris­[dioxido­vanadate(V)]] monohydrate]

K. B. Chang, M. D. Smith, M. Zeller and A. J. Norquist

Abstract: The title compound, {(C6H21N4)[V3O9]·H2O}n, crystallizes as a salt with [trenH3]3+ cations [tren is tris­(2-amino­eth­yl)amine], and one-dimensional anionic {[VVO3]-}n (metavanadate) chains along the c-axis direction. Three crystallographically distinct VV sites and one occluded water mol­ecule are present for every [trenH3]3+ cation in the unit cell. The {[VVO3]-}n chains are composed of vertex-sharing [VO4] tetra­hedra and have a repeat unit of six tetra­hedra. Each tetra­hedron in the chain contains two terminal and two [mu]2-bridging oxide ligands. The [trenH3]3+ cations, {[VVO3]-}n anions and occluded water mol­ecules participate in an extensive three-dimensonal hydrogen-bonding network. The three terminal ammonium sites of the [trenH3]3+ cations each form strong N-H...O hydrogen bonds to terminal oxide ligands on the {[VVO3]-}n chain. Each occluded water mol­ecule also donates two O-H...O hydrogen bonds to the terminal oxide ligands.

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