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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, o1601
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536813026111 ]

(1S,1'S,2'R,4a'S,9a'S,9b'R)-1'-Acet­yloxy-2,4'-dioxo-2',4',4a',7',8',9',9a',9b'-octa­hydro-1'H,2H-spiro­[ace­naphthyl­ene-1,5'-pyrano[4,3-a]pyrrolizin]-2'-ylmethyl acetate

S. Santhiya, J. Naga Siva Rao, R. Raghunathan, N. Latha and S. Lakshmi

Abstract: In the title compound C26H25NO7, the mean plane through the lactone-substituted ring of the pyrrolizidine moiety forms dihedral angles of 78.46 (6) and 58.28 (8)° with the ace­naphthyl­ene moiety and the sugar based-lactone ring, respectively. The sum of the angles at the the N atom of the pyrrolizidine ring (335.0°) is in accordance with sp3 hybridization. Some atoms of the acetate group are disordered and were refined using a split model [occupancy ratio 0.673 (10):0.327 (10)].

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