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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, o1785-o1786
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536813030948 ]


C. Wink, D. Schollmeyer and H. Detert

Abstract: The title compound, C24H32N2O2, was prepared by Horner olefination of 4-di­ethyl­amino-3,5-diiso­propyl­benzaldehyde and diethyl p-nitro­benzyl­phospho­nate. There are two independent mol­ecules (A and B) in the asymmetric unit. Their main axes, defined by the line connecting the N atoms of the nitro and amino groups, open an angle of 79.42 (3)°. Steric hindrance around the amino group is reflected in a long aryl C-N bond [1.434 (3) Å for mol­ecule A and 1.440 (3) Å for mol­ecule B], a pyramidal geometry [angle sum = 350.0 (2)° for mol­ecule A and 349.6 (2)° for mol­ecule B], and dihedral angles between the phenyl­ene group and the plane defined by the CH2-N-CH2 unit of 86.9 (3)° for mol­ecule A and 88.3 (3)° for mol­ecule B. This gives structural support for the electronic decoupling of the amino group from the nearly planar nitro­stilbene moiety (r.m.s. deviation for C, N and O atoms = 0.097 for mol­ecule A and 0.107 Å for mol­ecule B).

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