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Acta Cryst. (2014). E70, m176-m177
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536814007818 ]

Bis{[mu]-cis-1,3-bis­[(di-tert-butyl­phosphan­yl)­oxy]cyclo­hexane-[kappa]2P:P'}bis­[carbonylnickel(0)] including an unknown solvent molecule

K. J. Jonasson and O. F. Wendt

Abstract: The title compound, [Ni2(C22H46P2O2)2(CO)2], is located about a centre of inversion with the Ni0 atom within a distorted trigonal-planar geometry. The cyclo­hexyl rings are in the usual chair conformation with the 1,3-cis substituents equatorially oriented. No specific inter­molecular inter­actions are noted in the crystal packing. A region of disordered electron density, most probably a disordered deuterobenzene solvent molecule, was treated using the SQUEEZE routine in PLATON [Spek (2009). Acta Cryst. D65, 148-155]. Its formula mass and unit-cell characteristics were not taken into account during refinement.

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