Figure 1
SDS-PAGE analysis of [beta]-Gal purification. Lane M, molecular markers (labelled in kDa); lane 1, culture supernatant; lane 2, [beta]-Gal after Phenyl Sepharose purification; lane 3, [beta]-Gal after Q Sepharose purification; lane 4, [beta]-Gal after Endo Hf endoglycosidase treatment; lane 5, [beta]-Gal after aminophenyl [beta]-D-thiogalactopyranoside affinity purification; lane 6, [beta]-Gal after limited trypsinization; lane 7, [beta]-Gal after Pros HS purification; lane 8, [beta]-Gal after Superdex 200 gel filtration. Deglycosylated [beta]-Gal precursor and mature [beta]-Gal are indicated by arrows.  [article HTML]

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