Figure 2
Sequence alignment of Y. pestis RipC with other citrate lyase [beta] subunits (M. tuberculosis CitE, PDB entry 1u5h ; D. radiodurans, PDB entry 1sgj ; B. xenovorans, PDB entry 3r4i ; R. eutropha, PDB entry 3qqw ), as well as H. volcanii malate synthase H (PDB entry 3oyz ; Bracken et al., 2011BB4). Cylinders and arrows define the regions of [alpha]-helices and [beta]-strands, respectively. Dotted secondary-structure elements are predicted by JPred (Cole et al., 2008BB6) and represent regions missing in the RipC crystal structure. RipC residues that are proposed to interact with CoA or a CoA derivative, based on sequence conservation with H. volcanii malate synthase H, are indicated by asterisks; fully conserved residues are boxed.  [article HTML]

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