Figure 4
(a) Overall structure of GTFA-[Delta]N (coloured domains) superposed on the crystal structure of GTF180-[Delta]N (grey; PDB entry 3klk ; Vujicic-Zagar et al., 2010BB29). Colour scheme: GTFA-[Delta]N domain V (residues 745-791 and 1643-1763), red; domain IV (residues 792-925 and 1610-1642), yellow; domain B (residues 926-988, 1517-1554 and 1596-1609), green; domain A (residues 989-1234, 1382-1516 and 1555-1595), blue; domain C (residues 1235-1381), magenta. The three catalytic residues in domain A are shown in stick representation and the calcium ion (Ca2+) bound between domains A and B is shown as a green sphere. The largest differences between GTFA-[Delta]N and GTF180-[Delta]N are observed for domain V; the hinge between domains IV and V is indicated with asterisks (residues 793 and 1646). (b) Schematic domain arrangement of GTFA-[Delta]N. The first 740 residues (signal peptide and N-terminal domain) are not present in the crystallized construct. Each domain consists of two (N-terminal and C-terminal) stretches of polypeptide (the N-terminal stretches are more darkly coloured), with the exception of domain C.  [article HTML]

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