Figure 1
(a) Ligand used for cocrystallization with S25-2: Kdo-(2[rightwards arrow]4)-5,6-dehydro-Kdo. (b) Structure of chlamydial LPS composed of Kdo-(2[rightwards arrow]8)-Kdo-(2[rightwards arrow]4)-Kdo-(2[rightwards arrow]6)-GlcN4P-(1[rightwards arrow]6)-GlcN1P. The Kdo-(2[rightwards arrow]4)-Kdo that previously cocrystallized with S25-2 (PDB entry 3t77 ; Nguyen et al., 2003BB15) is highlighted in red. (c) 2Fo - Fc electron-density map contoured to 1[sigma] around Kdo-(2[rightwards arrow]4)-5,6-dehydro-Kdo cocrystallized with S25-2.  [article HTML]

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