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Figure 3
Sequence alignment of PaIMPDH with homologues from T. foetus (GenBank ABI11203.1), H. sapiens (NCBI Reference Sequence NP_000875.2), B. anthracis (UniProt Q81W29) and S. pyogenes (UniProt P0C0H6). Residues involved in interactions with IMP, including the catalytic cysteine, are coloured green. Conserved residues interacting with NAD+ are coloured blue and nonconserved residues interacting with the adenosine and pyrophosphate portions are coloured magenta and orange, respectively. Two conserved residues on the mobile flap are coloured red. Residues involved in selectively binding the inhibitor C64 are highlighted in yellow. Residues missing in the PaIMPDH structure have a dashed line beneath them. The sequence alignment was generated and annotated using ClustalW (Larkin et al., 2007BB21) and ALINE (Bond & Schüttelkopf, 2009BB2), respectively.

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