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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology Communications.

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Accepted 21 June 2016

Malonate in the nucleotide-binding site traps human AKAP18γ/δ in a novel conformational state

AKAP18 γ/δ is recognized for its involvement in modulating cardiac Ca2+ release and reuptake and is a potential drug target in cardiovascular disease. The atomic resolution crystal structure of the central domain of AKAP18γ/δ complexed with malonate presents an optimal template for structure guided drug design.

Accepted 16 June 2016

Crystal structures of a subunit of the formylglycinamide ribonucleotide amidotransferase, PurS, from Thermus thermophilus, Sulfolobus tokodaii and Methanocaldococcus jannaschii

Crystal structures of a subunit of the formylglycinamide ribonucleotide amidotransferase, PurS, from T. thermophilus, S. tokodaii and M. jannaschii were determined and their structural characteristics were analyzed.

Accepted 16 June 2016

Crystal structure of the antigen-binding fragment of a monoclonal antibody specific for the multidrug-resistance-linked ABC transporter human P-glycoprotein

The monoclonal antibody UIC2 binds specifically to the extracellular region of the human P-glycoprotein in a conformationally sensitive manner. The crystal structure of the Fab fragment of UIC2 is reported.

Accepted 14 June 2016

The galactoside 2-α-L-fu­cosyltransferase FUT1 from Arabidopsis thaliana: crystallization and experimental MAD phasing

The crystallization, data collection and experimental phasing using the multiwavelength anomalous dispersion technique of A. thaliana FUT1 is described.

Accepted 14 June 2016

Crystallographic analysis of a subcomplex of the transsulfursome with tRNA for Cys-tRNACys synthesis

A subcomplex of the transsulfursome with tRNACys (SepCysS–SepCysE–tRNACys) represents the second reaction step of Cys-tRNACys synthesis in an indirect pathway. Diffraction-quality crystals (2.6 Å resolution) of this complex were obtained. X-ray crystallographic analysis showed that the complex consists of two SepCysS–SepCysE heterodimers and one tRNACys.

Accepted 10 June 2016

Crystal structure of the PAS domain of the hEAG potassium channel

The structure of the hEAG PAS domain is presented and compared with similar segments of human and insect ion channels.

Accepted 8 June 2016

Cryoannealing-induced space-group transition of crystals of the carbonic anhydrase psCA3

Crystals of psCA3 undergo a space-group transition from P21212 to I222 following cryoannealing, resulting in higher resolution diffraction.

Accepted 4 June 2016

Envelope protein VP24 from White spot syndrome virus: expression, purification and crystallization

VP24 is one of the major envelope proteins of White spot syndrome virus. In order to facilitate purification, crystallization and structure determination, the predicted N-terminal transmembrane region of approximately 26 amino acids was truncated from VP24 and several mutants were prepared to increase the ratio of methionine for subsequent data collection using the SAD method.

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