Figure 3
(a) Two-dimensional GISAXS scattering pattern captured in the qyqz plane by an image plate for the Ge nanoparticle sample (annealed for 2 h). The inset shows the GISAXS result for an as-deposited Ge-doped sample. The dotted lines in (a) represent the upper and lower qz limits for the fittings shown in (b). (b) Fittings of selected constant qz cuts from (a), using the model described in the text. (c) Nanoparticle correlation effect in the scattering intensity for the first constant-qz (= 0.0584 Å-1) cut of (b). Neglecting the correlation, the simulated profile overestimates the scattered intensity at low qy (blue dashed curve). This effect cannot be obtained by any other parameter combination.  [article HTML]

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