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Figure 3
The measured (open circles) and the fitted [upper line (red in the electronic version of the journal); the lower grey line gives the difference] patterns of the 〈100〉 fiber-textured specimen deposited with no additives and a current density of 10 A dm−2; (a), (b), (c) and (d) are the patterns measured by tilting the specimen for, respectively, the 200, 220, 311 and 222 reflections of the major (Ma) texture component into diffraction conditions. The other reflections, labeled as R, were evaluated for the randomly oriented crystallite population. (e) A typical artificial pattern for the purpose of feeding the data into the eCMWP procedure. The horizontal scale can only be given here as a gauge; for more details see the text. The measured (open circles) and fitted (line) artificial patterns correspond to the 〈100〉 fiber-textured specimen deposited with 5 mMol dm−3 additive and a current density of 10 A dm−2. Note the logarithmic intensity scale where the reflections coming through from the substrate (the copper sheet below the thin amorphous buffer layer) can also be seen and are labeled as `S'.

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