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Figure 3
Reconstructions of the Al/SiC composite specimen. The area is 62 × 62 voxels (15 µm in-plane dimensions). Except as noted otherwise, the linear color table runs from lower to higher `intensity' using dark blue, light blue, yellow, red and dark brown; the relative `intensities' of the different reconstructions are given by the number in the lower-right corner of the panels [except (h)–(j)]; for reference, the `intensities' in panel (g) run from 250 to 0. Reconstruction with (a) Al 111; (b) Al 200; (c) Al 220. (d) Sum of the Al reconstructed slices shown in (a)–(c). Reconstruction with (e) SiC 10.1; (f) SiC 11.0; (g) SiC 10.2. (h) Sum of the three Al reconstructions (green) and of the SiC 11.0 reconstruction (blue) and SiC 10.2 reconstruction (red). (i) Reconstruction from transmitted-intensity data. (j) 2BM, APS, reconstruction of a slice near to the sampling plane in (a)–(i), recorded at 25 keV and reconstructed with 1.45 µm voxels. The reconstruction in (j) is scaled to match those in (a)–(i). In (i) and (j), black indicates the highest values of linear attenuation coefficient and white the lowest. (k) Reconstruction with diffracted intensity from the peak with d = 2.3 Å (the reconstruction with the d = 3.65 Å peak differs little and is not shown). (l) Reconstruction with d = 4.15 Å.

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