Figure 10
Images reconstructed from textured reflection with different azimuthal angles ([alpha] and [beta]). (a) Two-dimensional diffraction of mixed polymerized C60 and graphite-like phases obtained after quenching during a high-pressure high-temperature phase transformation process; this pattern shows two broad elongated textured 002 graphite-like reflections and also thin reflections of polymerized C60. (b) and (c) Reconstructed images using either [alpha] or [beta] 002 graphite-like reflections, showing dark zones where the information from the phase is missing. Nevertheless, the domain shapes are obtained: they are elongated for the graphite-like phase for both orientations [(b), (c) and (e)] and spotty for the C60 polymeric phase (d). This was confirmed by dark-field electron microscopy images [(f) and (g)] (adapted from Álvarez-Murga et al., 2011BB2).  [article HTML]

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