Figure 4
Schematic drawing of the setup for the SAXS experiments in relation to the measured dislocation structures. (a) The relation between the coordinate systems of the laboratory (xlab, ylab, zlab), the dislocation wall (qw, qt, qz) and the dislocations within the wall (qx,dislocation, qy,dislocation, qz,dislocation). (See §[link]3.2 for details.) (b) Schematic view of the crystal, including four dislocation walls that result in perpendicular streaks. (See §[link]4.2.) Dislocation walls 1 and 2 consist of edge dislocations located on the (110) planes of ferrite, and dislocation walls 3 and 4 consist of edge dislocations located on the ([{1 {\overline 1}0}]) planes of ferrite. Blue shading indicates the (110) plane and pink the ([{1 {\overline 1}0}]) plane.  [article HTML]

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