Figure 3
Best fits (lines) of the cylinder-type models and the ab initio model (a) and helical model (b) to experimental SANS curves (points). The insets in (a) show the cross sections of the model particles (the three most frequent distances are indicated for the cross section of four packed cylinders) and the result of the ab initio model, which is a set of dummy spherical beads filling an effective cylinder (radius 7.8 nm, height 70 nm) so as to achieve the best coincidence of the corresponding scattering curve with the experimental one [DAMMIN procedure, normalized spatial discrepancy NSD = 1.08 (5)]. The inset in (b) schematically illustrates the parameters of the helix model and shows the cross-section projection of the basic structural units composing the helix with the three most frequent distances.  [article HTML]

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