Figure 9
Structural parameter results of fitted measured CTRs (Fig. 8[link]a) and measured RAXR data (Fig. 7[link]). (a) Strontium and lanthanum occupancies retrieved through fits of RAXR data. Horizontal lines indicate the expected occupancies [Theta]La = 0.6, [Theta]Sr = 0.4. (b) A comparison of RAXR fitted occupancies (solid lines) and results from the combined fit of a non-resonant and a resonant CTR (dotted lines). (c) The number of electrons per AO plane from A sites retrieved through RAXR data (filled upright triangles and solid line) and the combined fit of non-resonant and resonant CTRs (filled upside down triangles and dotted line). The horizontal line shows the expected number of electrons at A sites (46.8 electrons).  [article HTML]