Figure 6
(a) XANES region of the vanadium K edge for the V-Al-C-N coatings in the range X = -18 mm to X = 30 mm. The pre-edge peak decreases with increasing X, while the white line increases as indicated by arrows. (b) Influence of the coating thickness on the characteristic edge features at [X\simeq-5] mm. The measurement of the thick V-Al-C-N coating deposited on cemented carbide is indicated by symbols; the line corresponds to the coating on Si(001) with about 1/3 of the layer thickness. (c) XANES spectrum of the 40 nm VC coating (black line), the VC1-x coating (black squares) and the VN1-x coating (open circles) measured for [\Phi = 45^{\circ}].  [article HTML]