Figure 6
Residual stress values calculated from laboratory (Lab) and synchrotron (EDDI) data (Fig. 4[link]) using equations (3)[link][link]-(5)[link] for non-blasted (0b) and blasted (4b) coatings. [\sigma(\tau)] represents the fitted stress profile [equation (7)[link]] in the Laplace space in the blasted coating as a function of [\tau _{{\rm eff}}]. [\sigma_{\rm L}(z)] represents the recalculated stress profile [equation (6)[link]] in real space. [\sigma _{{{\rm L}}}(z)] and [\sigma(\tau)] were determined by using both Lab and EDDI data, except for the three EDDI measurement points at [\tau _{{\rm eff}}] in the range 0-2 µm. For the non-blasted sample the stresses are relatively homogeneous across the coating.  [article HTML]