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Figure 6
(a) ln[I*(q)] versus q2 Guinier plots of the averaged and concentration/standard-normalized top peak frames for all the six Gaussian peaks derived from the decomposition of the hpHMW-FG SE-HPLC-SAXS data shown in Fig. 5[link]. The data included in the linear regressions (straight lines) are indicated with filled symbols. All linear regressions were done with SD weighting with automatic rejection of outliers (set at ±2 SD) after definition of an appropriate q2 range, limited by the qmaxRg < 1.3 rule. (b) The Guinier plots for G-pks #4 (blue), #5 (magenta) and #6 (black) are shown on an expanded scale. (c), (d) Cross-section ln[qI*(q)] versus q2 Guinier plots for the same data as (a) and (b) (for the reason of clarity, G-pk #5 has been omitted, only one-half of the actual points are shown for all data sets, and the regression lines were prolonged at unphysical q2 < 0 values while the q2 = 0 axis is shown as a vertical gray line). Two linear regions were fitted, both limited by the qmaxRc < 1 rule, for G-pks #1 and #2 [(c), lower q2 range, dashed lines; higher q2-range, solid lines], and one for all others [solid lines; G-pk #3, (c); G-pks #4 and #6, (d)].

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