Figure 9
The calculated distribution of intensity impinging on the detector at the direct beam position (2[theta] = 0°) for the configuration of Fig. 3[link](a); this can be compared with Fig. 5[link] to illustrate the very small divergence in the beam (continuous line). These calculations are for different pixel strip dimensions: dash-dotted line represents the data from a 55 µm pixel (FWHM = 0.101° 2[theta]) [this pixel dimension (grey region) represents a width of 0.0547° 2[theta] for the minimum radius used of 55 mm, i.e. the most extreme case], dotted line 27.5 µm pixel (FWHM = 0.0535° 2[theta]), dashed line 13.75 µm pixel (FWHM = 0.0371° 2[theta]), solid line 6.875 µm pixel (FWHM = 0.0334° 2[theta]).  [article HTML]