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This article presents a theoretical study of X-ray diffuse scattering from local inhomogeneities of the In concentrations in epitaxial InGaN layers.

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More accurate lattice parameters are obtained from electron tomography data by refinement from inter-spot distances in the two-dimensional diffraction patterns with corrections for sample displacement and geometric distortion.

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In the current work, the experimental and quantum chemical approach has been applied to a 5-bromo-2-thienyl-4′-nitro­chalcone derivative which possesses good nonlinear optical properties.

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Growth striae and dislocations are observed in a ZnGeP2 single crystal at different stages of crystal growth using X-ray transmission topography. The full widths at half-maximum of rocking curves along the ZnGeP2 sample are determined by high-resolution X-ray diffractometry, and misorientations of low-angle boundaries are observed.

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A critical analysis of Weber indices is presented.

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