Figure 2
Electron density maps from AcNiR S-SAD experiments at Diamond using [lambda] = 2.4 Å. (a) The initial 2.69 Å resolution map contoured at 1.4[sigma] (1.01 electrons Å-3), calculated from SHELXE without density modification; (b) the map calculated from the experimental phases combined with `native' amplitudes to 1.3 Å resolution, with density modification contoured at 1.4[sigma] (0.92 electrons Å-3); (c) the final electron density map is shown after automated model building using ARP/wARP, contoured at 1.4[sigma] (0.75 electrons Å-3); (d) the map in (c) and the structural model built by ARP/wARP are shown together.  [article HTML]

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