Figure 2
(a) Silicon pattern acquired at 15 keV with the natural unit in pixels. The broad peak of the background is due to the silica capillary. (b) Fitting of equation phkl =(2/m)asin[[lambda](h2 + k2+ l2)1/2/2a] - (2[theta]0/m) to the observed position of the peaks in pixel units phkl: a linear relation 2[theta]hkl = mphkl + 2[theta]0, between phkl and 2[theta]hkl is assumed. [lambda] (Å), m (° pixel-1) and 2[theta] (°) are the refined parameters. The unit cell of the NIST silicon reference 640c is a = 5.4311946 Å.  [article HTML]

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