Figure 11
Sr and Rb exchange experiments at the muscovite-(001)-solution interface using a flow-through transmission cell without (Set a) and with (Set b) a mixing chamber (see §2.2[link] for details on the cell design). One of three solutions, 3 mM RbCl (3Rb, indicated in red), a mixture of 1.5 mM RbCl and 0.5 mM SrCl2 (1.5Rb0.5Sr, indicated in purple), and 1 mM SrCl2 (1Sr, indicated in cyan), was injected into the cell, initially at a fast flow rate (9 ml min-1) for 40 s (indicated by the light blue band) followed by a slower flow (at 2 ml min-1 and 1 ml min-1 for Sets a and b, respectively). The time of injection for each solution is indicated with a bold arrow whose color corresponds to that of the label of the newly injected solution.  [article HTML]

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