Figure 9
Relationship between the time resolution of kinetics measurements and the fractional change in signal magnitude (|[Delta]I/I|) by changing the interfacial conditions using the flow-through transmission cell. The lines represent the significance of the measurement, Z = |[Delta]I/I|/([sigma]/I) = 4, i.e. the reflectivity change is statistically significant at the 99.99% confidence interval. The values were calculated for [Phi] = 1 × 1012 photons s-1, R = 5 × 10-7, B = 1 × 10-8, corresponding to those from typical reflectivity measurements of the muscovite (001) surface using the transmission cell at q = 0.49 Å-1 near the Rb K-edge (~15.2 keV). The calculations were conducted for a perfect surface ([zeta] = 1 shown by a solid dark blue line) and a surface with a broad reflection (e.g. because of the non-zero mosaicity; [zeta] = 100 shown by a dashed cyan line), where [zeta] represents the size of the reflected image relative to the intrinsic size of the beam.  [article HTML]

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