Figure 3
Ray-tracing results for focal beam images at 12.4 keV in the ideal case using the geometry of BL26B1 and BL26B2 (Fig. 1[link]) with horizontal acceptance angle [varphi]H values of (a) 1.5 mrad and (b) 0.7 mrad. The vertical acceptance of the incident X-rays, [varphi]V, was set to 30 µrad in both cases. The light source is a 0.679 T bending-magnet source with source electron beam sizes of [sigma]x = 106 µm and [sigma]y = 13 µm and emittances of [epsilon]x = 3.4 × 10-9 m rad and [epsilon]y = 6.8 × 10-12 m rad (Tanaka & Kitamura, 2001BB18). The sagittal crystal radius of curvature Rs is 3.71 m. The glancing angle of the tangential-focusing mirror [theta]m is 3.6 mrad, and the radius of curvature Rm is 5.27 km.  [article HTML]