Figure 2
(a) PEEM images of NiZn ferrite surrounded by Au pads during the course of radiation of soft X-rays around the Fe L3-edge (730-700 eV) for 0-30 min. (b) XAS and XMCD images of NiZn ferrite at the absorption peak of the Fe L3-edge (708 eV) after irradiation of synchrotron radiation for ~30 min. (c) Schematics of an insulating sample surrounded by thick Au pads and its process of obtaining electric conductivity by synchrotron radiation irradiation. (d) PEEM images at the Al K-edge (1567 eV) and (e) XAS spectra around the Al K-edge of a sapphire substrate after (solid line) and before (dotted line) irradiation of synchrotron radiation for 1 h.  [article HTML]