Figure 5
Images of focused beam (12.7 keV) at bending-magnet beamline BM26A (ESRF, France) taken using a cross-shaped aperture (formed by 3000 µm × 25 µm slits laser cut in a 13 µm-thick stainless steel foil) suspended on a 0.2 mm-thick molybdenum foil with a hole of about 2 mm in diameter. Top: the XBI image obtained by averaging ten raw images corrected by background subtraction and the calculated XBI impulse response (inset). Bottom: the reconstructed cross-sectional image with the corresponding horizontal image profile (left inset) and the image obtained by exposing the X-ray camera directly to the beam (right inset). XBI parameters: L/D = 2, 50 µm copper foil, [alpha] = 18.7°, CMOS detector with 7 µm pixels fibre-optically coupled with a Gd2O2S:Tb scintillator foil (van Silfhout & Kachatkou, 2008BB22), integration time 0.25 s.  [article HTML]