Figure 19
Schematic of the possible set-ups for SAXS/WAXS experiments at the MS beamline. A transparent window in the housing of the 120° Mythen II detector (MII, 120°, used for WAXS data) reduces the dead region to zero (or the beam stop size) between scattering up and down. The SAXS data can either be recorded in the PD hutch using a Pilatus 2M detector [P2M, area 253 mm (h) × 288 mm (v)] or three Mythen II modules (length [asymptotically equal to] 192 mm). Extension to sample-detector distances as large as 10 m is possible if the P2M is placed in the SD hutch. The evacuated or He-filled flight tubes are constructed from modular 1 m-long units. COSD = centre of the surface diffractometer.  [article HTML]