Figure 1
The procedural steps of carotid artery stenting in patient 1. (a) A 7F guiding catheter (GC) was positioned into the right common carotid artery and a basket-type cerebral protection device (CPD) was deployed at the distal cervical segment. Its membranous portion with 110 µm pores was attached to a self-expanding nitinol ring (asterisk) on a guide wire. (b) Balloon dilatation was performed using a 5 mm × 30 mm balloon catheter (BL). (c) A 10 mm × 40 mm self-expandable nitinol stent (ST) was placed. (d) The nitinol ring (asterisk) of the CPD was collapsed by advancing the retrieval catheter (white arrow) and the CPD was removed from the GC.  [article HTML]

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