Figure 4
Localization of segmented ED from the CPD in patient 4. (a) Inner surface of the apical segment of the CPD and adherent ED (arrows) seen from the base. (b) Magnified view of the area within the rectangle in (a). Tiny debris particles were located within pores (arrowheads) and fused debris particles were attached to the inner surface of the membrane (arrows). Along with visual analysis to differentiate the ED and CPD, the segmentation procedure was performed by manually selecting contiguous debris. (c) Axial cross-sectional image. (d) Sagittal cross-sectional image. (e) Cross-sectional view of the three-dimensional reconstructed image with segmentation. ED (red) is evident in (c), (d) and (e) at the inner (arrows) and outer (asterisks) surfaces of the CPD. Scale bars = 1 mm.  [article HTML]

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