Journal of Synchrotron Radiation

Volume 21, Part 1 (January 2014)

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J. Synchrotron Rad. (2014). 21, 170-176    [ doi:10.1107/S1600577513026696 ]

Scanning transmission X-ray microscopy probe for in situ mechanism study of graphene-oxide-based resistive random access memory

H. W. Nho, J. Y. Kim, J. Wang, H.-J. Shin, S.-Y. Choi and T. H. Yoon

Abstract: Here, an in situ probe for scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM) has been developed and applied to the study of the bipolar resistive switching (BRS) mechanism in an Al/graphene oxide (GO)/Al resistive random access memory (RRAM) device. To perform in situ STXM studies at the C K- and O K-edges, both the RRAM junctions and the I0 junction were fabricated on a single Si3N4 membrane to obtain local XANES spectra at these absorption edges with more delicate I0 normalization. Using this probe combined with the synchrotron-based STXM technique, it was possible to observe unique chemical changes involved in the BRS process of the Al/GO/Al RRAM device. Reversible oxidation and reduction of GO induced by the externally applied bias voltages were observed at the O K-edge XANES feature located at 538.2 eV, which strongly supported the oxygen ion drift model that was recently proposed from ex situ transmission electron microscope studies.

Keywords: in situ; scanning transmission X-ray microscopy; STXM; graphene oxide; GO-RRAM; bipolar resistive switching mechanism; oxygen ion drift model.

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