Workshop on Standards for Publication of Macromolecular NMR Structures

Organized by Howard Einspahr

This workshop was organized as a consequence of discussions amongst the editors of Acta Crystallographica Sections D and F at the IUCr Journal Commission Meeting in Montecatini (Italy) in August 2005 and the publication of the first NMR structure in Acta Crystallographica Section F in June 2006 [Lytle et al. (2006), Acta Cryst. F62, 490-493]. The objective of the workshop was to arrive at lists of required and recommended items that are expected to be reported when a manuscript describing a three-dimensional macromolecular structure determined by NMR is submitted to Acta Crystallographica Sections D or F. The talks from the workshop are given below. Detailed recommendations are available here.