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Figure 2
Examples of graph-set assignments: (a) a zigzag C(4) chain in the crystal structure of imidazole (Martinez-Carrera, 1966BB129); (b) a general R22(8) carb­oxy­lic acid homodimer synthon, found in a wide number of carb­oxy­lic acid crystal structures (Bučar et al., 2007BB27); (c) fragment of a one-dimensional amide ladder synthon, composed of C(4), R22(8) and R42(8) synthons (Aakeröy et al., 2007BB3); (d) S(6) synthon based on an intramolecular hydrogen bond in a naphthalidimine Schiff base (Friščić et al., 1998BB81); (e) a ternary molecular assembly designed by the Aakeröy group, displaying intermolecular R22(7) carb­oxy­lic acid–pyridine heterosynthon and an amide–carb­oxy­lic acid heterosynthon, along with an intramolecular S(5) motif and (f) a fragment of the crystal structure of the ternary molecular assembly designed by the Aakeröy group for comparison (CSD reference: BUFQAU; Aakeröy et al., 2001BB2).

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