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Figure 6
(a) Temperature dependence of the mean positron lifetime for CdTe (empty dots). The line represents the fit using the STM model presented in equations (6[link]), (7[link]), (8[link]) and (9[link]). (b) Temperature dependence of experimental lifetime components [\tau_{1}] and τ2 (squares and dots respectively). Lines for [\tau_{1}^{\prime}] and [\tau_{1}^{\prime\prime}] represent the STM model, while the solid line for τ2 is the mean of experimental values. (c) Temperature dependence of intensity components I1 and I2 (squares and dots respectively). Lines represent the STM model. Since the theoretical [I_{1}^{\prime}] component is very small ( << 1%), it is not shown in the plot. (d) Temperature dependence of the STM bulk lifetime (empty dots). The dashed line is a guide for the eyes.

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