most read articles

These are the most read articles in the last six months.

Crystal structures. H.-B. Bürgi (2022). Acta Cryst. B78, 283-289. 
How much do molecular shapes matter?. M. Bhadbhade (2023). Acta Cryst. B79, 101-103. 
Synthesis and structure of two novel trans-platinum complexes. D. Vinci & D. Chateigner (2023). Acta Cryst. B79, 
Rearrangements in the multiverse. R. Hoffmann (2022). Acta Cryst. B78, 290-291. 
Pyrite contact twins. Y. Moëlo, M. Nespolo & F. Farges (2023). Acta Cryst. B79, 32-45. 
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