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Remarks about protein structure precision. Erratum

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The following are corrections to the paper by Cruickshank [Acta Cryst. (1999). D55, 583–601] . On p. 589 §4.2 line 13, [Z_{i}^{\#}] should read [Z_{i}]; also in line 13, [Z_{i}] should read [Z_{i}^{\#}]. In line 18, [Z_{i}^{\#}],σ(r) should read [Z_{i}^{\#}]σ(r). In the caption for Fig. 7, σdiff(2) should be σdiff(l). Equation (30) should read as follows,

[\sigma (r, B_{\rm avg}) = 3^{1/2} (N_{i}/p)^{1/2} C^{-1/3} Rd_{\rm min} \eqno (30)]

and equation (49) should read as follows,

[\sigma_{i}^{2} = \left[\left(\textstyle\sum\limits_{3} w\Delta^{2}\right)\big/(n_{\rm obs} - n_{\rm params})\right](a^{-1})_{ii} \eqno (49).]

On the first line of p. 599, (47) should read (49).


Address for correspondence: D. W. J. Cruickshank, 105 Moss Lane, Alderley Edge, Cheshire SK9 7HW, England.

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