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Figure 6
(a) Plots of Rsym and I/σ(I) as a function of batch (or image) number for a data set (#1) of a transferase enzyme (unit-cell parameters a = 73.65, b = 133.54, c = 102.14 Å, α = 90, β = 105, γ = 90°, space group P21). Data were collected at 0.947 Å. Results obtained with PrOW and DENZO are shown as plain and dotted lines, respectively. A significant number of batches could not be scaled in a satisfactory way with DENZO, essentially as a result of the presence of few strong outliers. This resulted in Rsym spikes and I/σ(I) glitches, which are almost fully recovered when PrOW is used. Data were scaled in the same way with SCALA (version 2.3.1). Both data treatments used the predictions from DENZO. (b) Statistical factors [Rsym, I/σ(I), completeness and redundancy] are shown as a function of resolution for that same data set. The diffraction patterns contained a significant number of spatial overlaps at high resolution. Results obtained with PrOW and DENZO are shown in plain and dashed lines, respectively. Overall statistical factors are also shown.

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