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Bulk-solvent correction in direct-methods phasing. Erratum

aHauptman-Woodward Institute, 73 High Street, Buffalo, New York 14203, USA
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(Received 29 March 2000; accepted 29 March 2000)

Equation (12) of the paper by Guo et al. [(2000), Acta Cryst. D56, 451–457 ] was printed incorrectly. The factor [(4/3)\pi R_s^3] should be omitted. The correct equation is as follows

[f_S =\rho_s\textstyle\int\limits_{V_P/N_P}\exp (2\pi i {\bf h\cdot r}) {\rm d}V \simeq Z_s \Phi(2\pi |{\bf h}|R_s). \eqno (12)]

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