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Hemoglobin Disorders, Molecular Methods and Protocols. Edited by Ronald L Nagel. Humana Press , 2003, 300 pp. Price USD 99.50. ISBN 0-89603-962-5.

Haemoglobin disorders are one of several situations where gene therapies are poised to make significant advances. In Molecular Methods and Protocols, Ronald L. Nagel MD has assembled a collection of readily reproducible techniques and protocols essential to the continued advance of our molecular understanding of these diseases. The first chapter (X-ray crystallography of hemoglobins by Martin K. Safo & Donald J Abraham) and penultimate chapter (Nuclear magnetic resonance by Jonathon J. Lukin & Chien Ho) of the 300-page collection are concerned with tech­niques and sample-preparation protocols central to the interests of Acta Crystallographica readers.

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