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Microseed matrix screening to improve crystals of yeast cytosine deaminase. Erratum


aFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Graduate Program in Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Washington, 1100 Fairview Avenue North A3-023, Seattle, WA 98109, USA
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In the paper by Ireton & Stoddard (2004[Ireton, G. C. & Stoddard, B. L. (2004). Acta Cryst. D60, 601-605.]) the incorrect PDB id code for the structure presented in the paper was given. The correct PDB id code is 1rb7.


First citationIreton, G. C. & Stoddard, B. L. (2004). Acta Cryst. D60, 601–605.  Web of Science CrossRef CAS IUCr Journals Google Scholar

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Journal logoSTRUCTURAL
ISSN: 2059-7983
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