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PET Chemistry. The Driving Force in Molecular Imaging. Edited by P. A. Schubiger, L. Lehmann & M. Friebe. Pp. xii + 339. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2007. Price (hardback) Euro 88.76. ISBN-103-540-32623-5.

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This book covers contributions to the 62nd Ernst Schering Foundation Workshop devoted to special aspects of the synthesis and characterization of Positron Emitting Tomography (PET) tracers. New inventions in this field have a strong impact on molecular imaging, preclinical and clinical research, new therapeutic drug development, clinical routine applications and new chemical concepts. Contents: 1, Molecular imaging with PET – Open questions?; 2, Fluorine-18 labeling methods; 3, Fluorine-18 labeling of small molecules; 4, Fluorine-18 labeling of peptides and proteins, 5, [18F] Fluoro­pyridines; 6, Production of non-standard PET radionuclides; 7, Carbon-11 labeling chemistry; 8, 68Ga–PET radiopharmacy; 9, Microwaving in F-18 chemistry; 10, Microreactors for PET tracer labeling; 11, Synthesis modules and automation in F-18 labeling; 12, Pharmacological prerequisites for PET ligands; 13, Positron emission tomography imaging as a key enabling technology in drug development.

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