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Figure 3
Solution of the structure of anti-TRAP from B. licheniformis. (a) Ribbon diagram of the dodecamer of anti-TRAP from B. subtilis. (b) Native Patterson synthesis, in which three strong non-equivalent non-origin peaks are present. (c) 120° and 180° sections of an SRF, indicating the orientations of twofold and threefold NCS axes. The trimeric search model (centre) was oriented so that its threefold molecular axis was aligned with the NCS threefold axis (red lines). TF searches were performed for a series of orientations related to that shown by a rotation around the molecular threefold axis by the variable angle χ. (d) The highest CC in the TF search is plotted as a function of χ. (e) The MR solution with four dodecamers in the asymmetric unit, which are related by the translational NCS. This figure was prepared using BOBSCRIPT, MOLREP, CCP4mg (Potterton et al., 2004BB39) and R.

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