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Figure 6
Structures of representative proteins studied at the Cryobench shown with their spectroscopically active groups coloured. (a) Monooxygenase: NADPH and FAD (PDB entry 2ylr ; Orru et al., 2011BB68). (b) Oxymyoglobin: haem (PDB entry 2vlx ; Hersleth et al., 2008BB41). (c) Superoxide reductase: nonhaem iron (PDB entry 1vzi ; Adam et al., 2004BB3). (d) Iron-only hydrogenase: Fe–S clusters (PDB entry 1hfe ; Nicolet et al., 2001BB66). (e) Laccase: copper (PDB entry 2x88 ; Bento et al., 2010BB8). (f) Metarhodopsin II: retinal (PDB entry 3pxo ; Choe et al., 2011BB18). (g) Light-harvesting complex II: chlorophylls and carotenoids (PDB entry 2bhw ; Barros et al., 2009BB6; Standfuss et al., 2005BB88). (h) Enhanced green fluorescent protein: p-­hydroxybenzylidene-imidazolinone (PDB entry 2y0g ; Royant & Noirclerc-Savoye, 2011BB80). (i) Thiol–disulfide oxidoreductase: disulfide bond (PDB entry 3hz8 ; Lafaye et al., 2009BB54).

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