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July 2018 issue

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Cover illustration: The structure of the C-terminal domain of the nucleoprotein from the Bundibugyo strain of the Ebola virus in complex with a pan-specific synthetic Fab (Radwanska et al., p. 681). The high-resolution crystal structure of the complex of a pan-specific Fab MJ20 with the antigen from the Bundibugyo strain of the Ebola virus reveals the basis for pan-specificity and illustrates how the phage-display technology can be used to manufacture suitable Fabs for use in diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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SIMBAD is a sequence-independent molecular-replacement pipeline for solving difficult molecular-replacement cases where contaminants have been crystallized. It can also be used to find structurally related search models where no obvious homologue can be found through sequence-based searching.

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A new algorithm, MR-REX, has been developed to perform a molecular-replacement search through replica-exchange Monte Carlo simulations. The algorithm enables cooperative rotation and translation searches and simultaneous clash and occupancy optimization, and improves the success rate of molecular replacement on low-accuracy structure models.

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The values of anisotropic atomic displacement parameters (ADPs) that correspond to concerted motions can be obtained from refined TLS matrices analytically or numerically. The difference between the ADPs obtained using these two methods can be used to assess the results of TLS refinement.

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The DEAH-box ATPase Prp2 is a key player during pre-mRNA splicing. Here, the first four crystal structures of this spliceosomal factor are reported in two different states, and the flexibility of its C-terminal domains and a previously undescribed ADP conformation are reported.

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Analysis of intermolecular interactions in the crystal structures of G protein-coupled receptors showed two major types of dimers.

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The biochemical and crystallographic characterization of different Catharanthus roseus receptor kinase 1-like membrane receptors is reported as a first step to understand cell-wall sensing and signalling mechanisms in plants.

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The crystal structure of the complex between a substrate selected by phage display and the D25N variant of HIV-1 protease is reported at a resolution of 1.1 Å. The structure has several unprecedented features, especially the formation of additional hydrogen bonds between the enzyme and the substrate.

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A high-resolution X-ray structure of the seventh FAS1 domain of stabilin-2 is presented. This structure provides the first insight into the structure of stabilin-2.

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The engineering of metal binding into a cellulase increases its temperature stability while maintaining its other catalytic properties.


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Bror Strandberg was one of the pioneers in protein and virus structure determination. He was one of the scientists who first worked on the high-resolution structure of myoglobin and went on to work with viruses.
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