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Figure 8
(a) Crystal structure of the GBA monomer obtained at 0.98 Å resolution (PDB entry 6tn1). Domain I (residues 1–27 and 383–414) is shown in lilac, domain II (residues 30–75 and 431–497) in orange and domain III (residues 76–381 and 416–430) in blue. N-Glycans are depicted in glycoblock format (McNicholas & Agirre, 2017BB2). (b) Overlay of the unliganded GBA structure with the BTP-complexed structure (PDB entry 6tjk). Red indicates areas of high r.m.s.d. between the protein backbones. Loop 1 contains residues 27–31, loop 2 comprises residues 314–319 and loop 3 contains residues 344–350. (c) Active site of the unliganded GBA crystal structure (blue) overlaid with active-site residues of the BTP-complex structure (gold; PDB entry 6tjk) and Cerezyme (green; PDB entry 6tjj). A magnesium ion (peach) coordinated by four waters (grey), Glu340 (Nuc) and Glu235 (a/b) occupies the active site.

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